About Me

About Me

Dr. Kulneet Suri

SENIOR DIRECTOR (IMS NOIDA) Dr Kulneet Suri is presently working as Senior Director at IMS Noida, IMS-DIA under UNISON EDUCATION Society which has 11 campuses spanning across Dehradun and Noida- A very well known global professional. Apart from being responsible for Operations of the campus, she is also involved academics and in the International linkages domain of work.

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Published several academic articles in news papers and also published a book on Total Quality Management (TQM) and 5 other books on English language. My latest publication is Amazing English.

S.No. Title Publishers Author By:
1 Total Quality Management – Principles and Practices Tools & Techniques Katson Books/Amazon Dr. Kulneet Suri
2 Learner’s Guide to Advanced English – K+++ of English Language Wiley Dr. Kulneet Suri
3 Learner’s Guide to Intermediate English - K++ of English Language Wiley Dr. Kulneet Suri
4 Learner’s Guide to Basic English – K+ of English Language Wiley Dr. Kulneet Suri
5 Learner’s Guide to Business English – K++++ of English Language Wiley Dr. Kulneet Suri

Worked with IEC Group of Institutions & IEC University as Head International Operations, and played a key role in initiating modernization, quality and technology up gradation in various businesses across IEC. I was instrumental in implementing the concept of “Management by Objectives” (MBO), a strategic initiative of the Group.

MY Skills

Time Management 85%

Career Advisor 90%

Academic Scholar 90%

Organization Behavior 95%

Quality Management 85%